Folomie Guide: Which Food Storage Containers Are Best for Your Kitchen

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Folomie Clear Kitchen Storage Containers are something most of us use almost daily. Whether it’s stocking the fridge with leftovers from last

Folomie Clear Kitchen Storage Containers are something most of us use almost daily. Whether it’s stocking the fridge with leftovers from last night’s dinner or taking a homemade salad to work, having the right container for the job makes life easier – something I can always get behind.

To avoid having a fridge full of mismatched deli containers, or reheating leftovers in plastic that may not be food safe, here are a few storage tips that’ll leave your kitchen more organized, useful, and streamlined.

Pick glass or plastic containers

Glass or plastic containers are always better for the kitchen as they are transparent and visible. Always keep the same design containers making the kitchen look organised. If you think that glass containers are difficult to take care of, you should choose plastic containers as they do not break quickly. Always try to select airtight containers so that the goods do not spoil quickly.

Ceramic Food Storage Containers

Ceramic Food Containers are all about different styles and designs. They are easily breakable as most of them are handmade. These containers come with a seal, either pressed and locked or with a four-sided lock. Ceramic containers can become great gift items or be used to store items that you do not use as frequently.


In case, you plan to shop for more than a single container, you should be able to store them all without occupying much space. So, consider whether you can stack them one above the other. This is a space-saving feature for storing in the refrigerator as well.


Many plastic container lids have clips on two or four sides. These can help ensure the lid doesn't come off if you accidentally drop the container, and some have a leakproof seal.

Size and Shape

It’s typically helpful to have several sizes and shapes in your storage container arsenal since the one you use to freeze soup may not work for a package of dried spaghetti. Small containers are great for saving leftovers while larger ones are necessary if you do a lot of big-batch meal prepping. For pantry ingredients, it’s important to check that the container can hold the volume or weight you tend to buy.

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